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Vizabol Media is a full-service creative digital agency that transforms ordinary businesses into exciting, media-savvy brands.

Our ideal clients already spend money on advertising, marketing, and web development, but they want to get better results.

And boy, do we deliver. Everything we do amplifies whatever you’re already doing. Your ads start pulling better. Your website starts converting more leads. You magically begin to close more deals. Instead of having to run after prospects, prospects begin seeking you out, eager to work with you.

How do we do it? We do it through a 4-step proven process of transformation. The magic is not just in what we do, but in how we do it, and why. We can show you the ingredients here, but the Secret Recipe depends on us finding that intangible something you bring to the table. That’s what makes it fun.


Marketing Strategy and Authority Positioning

We start from the position of knowing nothing about you and learning all we can. Strategy is all about finding your competitive advantage and the positioning you as the Hero: the Ultimate Problem Solver to your prospects, customers, clients or patients. Why would someone choose you over 10,000 others who do something similar? Figuring that out is harder than you think. But even harder is communicating your advantage in every single marketing activity you perform, and pulling everything together into a Strategic Action Plan that leverages your strengths and positions you as an authority in your market.


Videography, Production and Distribution

Once we discover your awesomeness, we have to tell your story in a way that touches people. Let’s face it… no one is reading all the stuff you’ve got written on your website. They don’t have time to read it all, and that’s good, because you don’t have time to write it all. Video gets attention, generates interest, and communicates the essence of who you are quickly and effectively. Video allows you to make an emotional impact and connect with people in a human way. You can be funny, serious, educational, or playful. All are effective. So the question is: why aren’t you taking full advantage on this awesome power? Our producers will interview you and your customers in depth and create a story that connects with your prospects.


Web Design & Development

Really, almost anyone can build a website these days. You can even build one yourself. But not many web developers create psychological profiles of your target audience and build lead-capturing devices into your website. We do. And we don’t care about winning awards with our great designs – we only care about winning the hearts and minds of the people visiting your website. If your current website isn’t doing that, what’s the point?


News, Media, and Publicity

Advertising is hard because people don’t believe what you say about yourself. But people believe what they see in the news. So once we’ve nailed down your strategy, captured your story and designed your website, it’s time to make you famous. We write up your news story and promote you to nationally-syndicated news and media websites. Our clients are regularly featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX news affiliates, as well as USA Today, CNN, and hundreds of other media. This is yet another positioning strategy that creates instant authority, credibility, and trust.

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Sound interesting?

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